About Lesvos

Lesvos island is located in the Northeastern Aegean and is the largest island in Greece after Crete and Evia. This rich island has a total area of 1,630sq.km, a coastline of 370km and 90,000 permanent residents.

Lesvos is the origin of many famous personalities; it was the birthplace of the well-known poet Sappho, the Nobel-awarded poet Elytis, the renowned painter Theophilos and the celebrated novelist Myrivilis just to name a few. Apart from the island’s recognition from its people, Lesvos is known for its production of Ouzo and olive oil.

The magnificent island of Lesvos has something for everyone; exquisite cuisine, neoclassical buildings, traditional villages, medieval castles, museums, churches, monasteries, ancient sights, natural hot springs, a petrified forest, nightlife, beaches, water sports, trails, bird watching and so much more.